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  Pyrathane® Materials

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Pyrathane® 70A is a polyether-based polyurethane which looks very much like our 83A Pyrathane®. 70A exhibits a very high coefficient of friction and in addition, is very lively and rubber-like. It is the softest Pyrathane® available.

Belts of both flat and round cross sections can be manufactured of the 70A material.

As the modulus of Pyrathane® 70A is considerably lower than our 83A material we would recommend an initial stretch of approximately 15%. The tension will still only be about half that of our 83A material at 10% stretch.

Belts manufactured of Pyrathane® 70A are best suited to lower torque applications where the material's lower modulus and high coefficient of friction work well together.

70A is often used on applications having low torque DC drive systems, which can be very sensitive to bearing side load, and yet require a "tacky" belt to grip the pulleys properly.

When considering Pyrathane® 70A for your application, most of the general information provided in our product brochure will be applicable, with the exception of the exerted tensions.

Ambient operating temperature limits are -10° to +150° F (-23.3° to +65.6° C).

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This material is a more specialized version of our Pyrathane® products family and therefore a modest upcharge is associated with it.

This data is provided for general information and material comparison. The potential user should perform tests to determine the product's performance and suitability in the intended application. Final determination of the fitness of the product for any particular use is the responsibility of the buyer.
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